Updated Appointment Protocol

May 7, 2020

Welcome back to Catonsville Comprehensive Dentistry here at 1122!!

What a challenging few months!  We are happy to report that the distancing measures have been helpful and the Governor has found it safe to open offices for elective medical and dental procedures.  We are happy to be back and look forward to getting you back on track with your oral health.  We have thoroughly evaluated the clinical research and developed a new protocol for our procedures so that we can continue to care for you, our practice family, safely.  We have always taken our infection control seriously with our instrument sterilization that is above the government standard and triple disinfection protocol for cleaning rooms between patients.  You may have noticed new protective equipment.  We have stronger impenetrable masks, expanded hours to minimize interactions.  Masks will be worn so, at least for the time being, you will be seeing our smiles mostly in our eyes.  We won’t have the hugs and the handshakes that we are used to and really treasure but it is for your protection.  We know that this will pass but for now, we are practicing under very strict practice guidelines.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our staff, our patients and community safe and healthy.

Please follow these guidelines for an exceptional, safe patient experience:

1.       Our appointment confirmation reminder system will be continue to be used.  It will be mandatory that we speak with you the day before the appointment.  We will be staffed from 7-6 to make this easier.  We will be asking you screening questions over the phone. 

2.       We have a virtual waiting room available to stay in your car until you are ready to be brought back.  We do have space for 5 people appropriately distanced in our reception area for those uncomfortable with being in their car.

3.       On arrival everyone will have their temperature read before being seen.  A preprocedural rinse proven to kill viruses and bacteria will be used at the start of the appointment.

4.       Masks will be worn by everyone in the office, staff and patients.  For the patient, this is until treatment is ready to commence and then replaced immediately after. 

5.       We ask that only the patient enter the office.  The exceptions are: for one parent to accompany a child(of course) or if the patient needs mobility assistance. 

6.       Check out will be streamlined and nearly hands free. 

7.       We appreciate any feedback, concerns, questions you have so please do not hesitate to ask!

8.       Delaying needed dentistry and preventive care is detrimental to your dental and general health.  With the above protocol, you can safely take care of your dental needs before they can become a costly emergency.



Please be advised that per CDC guidelines, patients are required to report any symptoms or COVID-19 testing for up to 14 days following your visit with us.


We look forward to seeing you!  Stay well!

Dr. Baronas, Mohler, Drown and our amazing staff family



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