Our Periodontal Therapists


You can say that I have been here since the beginning.  I married  Dr. Baronas in 1975, and have been invested in the practice since day one.  Graduating from Westbrook College in 1973 with a degree in Dental Hygiene, I also received a BS in Dental Hygiene Education from Old Dominion University in 1974.

Besides working as a periodontal therapist, I also have done assisting, housekeeping, painting and interior design in the office from time to time.

I enjoy working with our staff and feel that our patients are some of the nicest I have met.  I am firmly committed to prevention of dental problems before they arise.  There is no conflict of interest here!  I am thrilled when I have made a difference in the oral health of a patient and I hear the doctor say,  “Everything looks good this time!  See you in six months.”


I am a native Marylander who graduated from Baltimore City Community College over 30 years ago.  I have been privileged to work as a periodontal therapist treating patients from 9 months old to 101 years old!  Each patient becomes like a family member to me as I have been seeing some for over 30 years.  My greatest blessings are shared with all my co-workers who I believe are the most honest, competent and compassionate staff gathered in one office.


I am a graduate of the Hudson Community College of Dental Hygiene which is in Troy, NY.  I have been with the practice as a full time periodontal therapist and enjoy the learning atmosphere that Dr. Baronas creates not only in the office but also with his support for continuing education in advanced dental courses.  I know some Spanish and am glad to assist in translating.


I am a native of Catonsville and have now lived in Eldersburg for 20 years.  I graduated from the Community College of Baltimore in 1983.  I am proud to say that I've worked with Dr. Baronas and his great staff since 1996 and have met many smiling faces that I look forward to seeing regularly




 After working as a dental assistant with Dr. Baronas since 2004, I decided to go back to school and graduated with my dental    hygiene degree in 2014.  Every day my appreciation for dentistry grows.    My husband Tony and I have 2 children.  I love spending quality time with my family, doing community work and reading.




 I am a CCBC Dental hygiene graduate and started my career with Dr. Baronas and the team in summer 2016.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the patients and treating them with the highest level of care.  In my free time, I enjoy day trips, trying new foods and spending time with my family and dog, Van. 




  I am a 1980 graduate of the University of Maryland and live in  Catonsville.  I joined the practice in 2010 after being a patient of Dr.  Baronas for many years.  As a patient, I instantly felt part of a caring family.  I am proud to be able to care for our patients and provide for them that same feeling of family. This is truly an amazing practice. 



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